20:01 PM

Sometimes all it takes is a smile to turn someone's day around

Bill Housam, Truck Service Specialist, was having a bad day. It was late, his flight was canceled and the airline wouldn't release his luggage. He had made the decision to drive home -- a journey he did not look forward to after a heavy snowfall. "The mountain pass had three feet of snow and I knew the drive was going to be horrible," he says. Bill was not happy. But his demeanor was about to change. 

He made a stop at TA Seattle East, WA to stock up on Red Bull and water to keep him alert for the drive. As soon as he entered the store, he describes observing "one of the most welcoming team members I have ever met." That team member is Customer Service Representative Chanchal Thind. 

"His smile and true joy for working was so welcoming," explains Bill. Bill says the entire time he was in the store Chanchal was mopping the floor, cleaning shelves and keeping the restrooms very clean. "I could only imagine how many team members called off because of the bad weather; but Chanchal made it in, and he ensured every guest left with a smile." 

It was clear to Bill that Chanchal was warm and friendly to all who entered the store. "He had no clue who I was or that I worked for TA," says Bill. "All that mattered to him was that I had the best visit possible." In addition to Chanchal's welcoming nature, Bill was also impressed by the empathy Chanchal demonstrated for Bill's journey ahead. "He knew the drive would be challenging, in fact it took me twice as long due to the treacherous road conditions. I could definitely feel Chanchal's concern for my wellbeing." 

As Bill was leaving the store, he thanked Chanchal and identified himself as a fellow TA team member. "He thought he messed up by not giving me an employee discount. I told him I don't get one, and he didn't mess up. The one thing he did do for me was make my day because I knew this man was working so hard for us and our guests." If you happen to be in Seattle and a need a spirit refresh, you know where to find it!