22:46 PM

Some Call it Multi-Tasking; We Call it Magic


Watching Toya Taylor, APCM at the Petro in West Memphis, AR, work is like watching an octopus, according to Petro customer Jackie Mouton. Jackie was in awe of Toya's ability to manage a multitude of tasks while taking care of an endless stream of guests, helping a team member, and skillfully handling computer issues. "She was maxed out, yet she handled everything like a champ," said Jackie. "She is amazing. If it were me, I would have been spinning and hanging up phones. She was really holding it together." 

Jackie was so impressed by Toya's ability to be the calm in the middle of the storm, she submitted the following complimentary letter to TA: 

"Today I am sending this email to let you know that Miss Toya from the West Memphis, AR, location is a wonderful employee! They are having computer issues due to a power outage earlier today and she stayed on the phone with me to be sure that our work order was completed for a driver. She even had to create a new work order because the first one wouldn’t come through. As I was on the phone with her, she was assisting an employee with processing another transaction and doing everything possible to be sure my work order was taken care of. I don’t know if you give gold stars or anything to employees, but she definitely deserves one if you do!" - Jackie Mourton, Specialist, Vehicle Quality and Compliance, Evans Delivery. 

Toya says she likes to treat every person as an individual. "I greet everyone with a smile, acknowledge them when they come in 
no matter how many people are in line, listen to their needs and I take pride in getting them on the road better than they came." 

Maybe it's not magic after all. It's Toya embracing the TA mission!