19:37 PM

Shift Leader Treats Guests Like Family


Lisa Silva, GM at TA New Braunfels, Texas says Shift Leader Gina Lopez is always looking out for the guests and noticing what needs to be done. 

Recently, a woman with her two young children were having a car problem at our pumps. The alarm to their car was blaring and wouldn’t stop. Just before one of our team members got there, a guest was able to unhook the battery to get the alarm to stop. 

It was cold outside, so the best place for the mother and her daughters to wait while their car was getting repaired was in our TV room. Gina asked the little girls if they were hungry. When they quickly nodded their heads to say yes, Gina bought food and brought it to them. She made sure they were comfortable and entertained while they waited for their car. 

Gina has been with TA only five months and she naturally embraces our Mission, Vision and Values. Lisa says Gina is always smiling, greets 
everyone and is willing to do whatever it takes to get jobs done. When the site was short of porters, Gina volunteered, with a smile of course, to clean the bathrooms and showers. Lisa adds, “She always comes in when we call her for an extra shift. She’s made a difference here. The guests already know her by name, and she knows them and their routines.” Gina has a natural ability to make people feel welcome and it already has them coming back.