Westlake, Ohio,
14:56 PM

Sharing Country Pride in DeMotte, Indiana

The restaurant team at TA DeMotte in DeMotte, Indiana has always served their local community but now they have taken on an additional role as Country Pride Restaurant ambassadors at “Market in the Park” every Wednesday during the summer.

Each week, they set up a tent with marketing items from the website with a goal of bringing more people in to eat as well as highlighting employment opportunities. General Manager Taylor Wright said, “We always see new faces and regulars. It is surprising how many people still don’t know we are located in our town.”

The team uses this as an opportunity to bring kids into the tent with a “pick a duck” game. Each duck has a number underneath and that number lines up with free Country Pride swag. Prizes have included Country Pride water bottles, pens, clappers, freebies and notebooks.

While the kids pick out items, the team talk with the parents. They give them a take-out menu and even a meal coupon to bring them in! They have also catered to the market when their food vendor has cancelled. For movie night, the team brings glow sticks and passes them out during the movie.

This location has been involved with the town for a couple of years. Two years ago, they did a school drive for their school district and raised close to $4,000. They try to get involved as much as possible since they are one of the bigger corporate businesses in the area. Along with a local parade each year where they are a food vendor, the team has already donated 600 County Pride water bottles for the 2022 school year!

The team’s pride for their restaurant shines through; they do a phenomenal job with showcasing the Country Pride restaurant in DeMotte.