15:23 PM

Server Makes the Day for Couple Stopping in for a Meal

You can hear a smile in her voice when Lisa Romero, Site GM at TA Wells, NV (site 392) talks about Olivia Taylor, a server. Lisa describes Olivia as “happy and bubbly.” Olivia’s warm, outgoing personality made a recent dinner memorable for Moe Blumes and his wife, Carol Iles-Blumes. 

Moe sent us a message to say, “I am not one to comment in this fashion (indeed can’t recall doing so in years) but my wife and I and, I dare say, every one of the diners were met with and enjoyed the spirit and energy of Olivia T.” He says Olivia is an incredible person with a winning personality. Moe and Carol thoroughly enjoyed their meal and the time spent with Olivia. He says, “We left believing we’d been served by a one-of-a-kind server.” 

Olivia says she remembers Moe and Carol because “they were really nice.” She enjoyed helping them make some meal choices and serving them. Lisa says “Olivia is great with the guests. She’s a big asset to the team and always comes to work with a positive attitude.” She gets along with everybody and likes meeting people. Olivia adds, “People are on the go and friendly. I enjoy the experience.” Olivia is just hitting her three-month mark with TA and has already earned fans among her colleagues and our guests.