Westlake, OH,
14:30 PM

Quick Action at Petro Laramie Saves a Driver’s Life

Imagine your panic if your loved one was having a medical emergency and you were 1,600 miles away! This is exactly what happened to one Pennsylvania woman when her husband, who is a professional driver, went into cardiac arrest at the Petro in Laramie, Wyoming while she was on the phone with him.

Frantic, the woman called the site and spoke to Store GM Keylow Braudrick. Keylow and Lead Supervisor Sarah Reuland quickly ran to the man’s truck and called 911. While waiting for the ambulance, Keylow continued speaking to the wife updating her on her husband’s condition and what was happening.

After the medical team arrived the driver was life flighted from Laramie to a hospital in Loveland, Colorado. The quick actions of Keylow and Sarah certainly helped save the man’s life. Their professionalism and compassion even prompted a friend of the driver’s family to write a letter praising them and thanking them for all they did to help.