16:46 PM

Quick-Acting Team Rescues Guest During Medical Emergency

It was pure luck that Mary Ann (Ann) Winchester, Porter at TA San Antonio, TX (site 147) was leaving the store and spotted a guest on gas island #6 having a seizure. He was inside his car, and she noticed him because she could hear his engine revving. 

As Store Profit Center Manager, Maria Arzate, described, Ann came running inside to tell employees and call for help. Assistant Profit Center Manager, Augustina (Tina) Payen, went running outside and realized the driver was in medical distress. Luckily, again, the car was in park, the driver’s window was open, and the car was unlocked. Tina opened the car door and gave critical aid to the young man. 

Our team waited with the driver until the EMT arrived. As the EMT attended to the driver, Tina picked up his cell phone and called the last person he talked to and told them about what had just happened. She was able to get important information from them to assist the EMT with their questions as they were giving medical treatment. Because Tina is bilingual and the driver is Spanish-speaking, Tina was pivotal to assisting the EMT. 

After an hour, the guest was released by the EMT. He came in later that afternoon to thank Tina for her heroic effort. He realized how fortunate he was to be noticed and then cared for by such an empathetic and capable team.