Westlake, OH,
18:48 PM

Petro Wells Proudly Supports the Wells Leopards

Wells, Nevada is a pretty small town. Its 1,200 residents rely on each other to keep the local economy moving. The schools are short-funded and families shell out extra money to keep their kids in sports and other extracurricular activities.

Petro Wells Assistant General Manager Lyndsey Morrow understands the important role that her Petro location has in being a community anchor. She has taken a leadership role in the community, donating more than 100 hours a year of her time to the schools and serving as a board member for the local Chamber of Commerce.

Lyndsey’s co-workers help, too. The site employees donate their time at school events, all proudly representing Petro Wells.

Store and restaurant GM Lisa Romero created two programs that rewarded kids for their achievements. If a student reads six books, he can come in and eat for free at the Iron Skillet. If a student gets good grades, she can choose a candy bar or soda.

Casino AGM Preston Harding serves as vice president of the Chamber. He helps out with donating his time for other community events around Halloween, July 4 and more.

A large banner that says, “TA, Petro and TA Express is proud to support the Wells Leopards” graces the building.

Lyndsey recently shared a letter with us that she received from the local school principal. She said that this is why she does what she does. The letter, in part, reads:

“With gratitude, we acknowledge your recent donation to Wells Combined Schools. We are deeply indebted for the generous supply of incentive coupons provided to our deserving students. During this period of budget constraints, it becomes ever more difficult to obtain the financial resources needed to fund school endeavors. Rest assured, these coupons will be put to good use.

During the nice spring days ahead of us, we hope you will see families redeeming coupons and supporting your business in exchange for your generosity. The power of collaborative efforts between business and school matters to our community. Please accept our sincere thanks for your support and efforts to provide for our local children.”

And during this coronavirus pandemic, the Wells site remains open to serve drivers. While the majority of the community is shut down, the site staff ensures the carry-out food options are available and the area remains clean and safe for all who enter its doors.