Westlake, OH,
14:30 PM

Petro Spokane Employee Plays Role in Saving Man’s Life

Late one evening in June, Fuel AGM Mylissa Braman was running a register at Petro Spokane in Washington, when an older gentleman approached the fuel desk and asked where the closest hospital was.

Knowing the area well, as she grew up close to Spokane, she told him where the nearest trauma center was located and asked if he was goingto be OK.

He gave Mylissa details about his symptoms. She knew in her heart that he shouldn’t be driving to the hospital. She politely told the man to rest, and she would call an ambulance.

The ambulance arrived a few minutes later and took the gentleman to the hospital.

The next day, Mylissa was on shift when that same gentleman cameback to the fuel desk. He thanked her immensely for calling and making sure he got the attention he needed. The doctor said if he hadn’t gotten to the hospital immediately that evening, he would not have survived.

Thanks to Mylissa, he said, he was alive. He’s very grateful and feeling much better.