Westlake, OH,
15:12 PM

Petro North Little Rock Employees Help Motorist Find Lost Ring

On their way home from vacation, Teresa Hines and her family visited the Petro in North Little Rock, Arkansas. They dined at the Iron Skillet and visited the restroom before heading back on the road. Teresa had no idea she accidentally left her wedding ring in the restroom until she was half-way home to Tennessee. She was devastated.

Teresa desperately made a call to the North Little Rock Petro. She said, “the sweet manager told me a customer turned the ring in, and she would keep it in a safe place until I could come back the following Sunday."

That manager was CSR lead Shanenia Summons.

Shanenia was not working when Teresa arrived back that Sunday. The manager on duty (APCM Latonya Harris) called Shanenia, who was sleeping at the time.

Teresa said, “That sweet woman Shanenia got up from sleeping and came to the station to give me back my ring. Not many people these days are as honest as she or the customer that turned it in are. I appreciate both of the managers that

worked together to return my ring to me.”

She continued, “The world could use more people like your managers. I appreciate Shanenia’s honesty and compassion, and to me, she was an angel.”