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14:50 PM

Petro Kingman employees serve as driver’s family during medical emergency, hospital stay

On Wednesday, June 10, the employees at the fuel island at the Petro in Kingman, Arizona, noticed a truck that had been at the pump for an unusually long amount of time. Bo Montoya went to check on the driver and quickly realized something was wrong.

The driver’s name was Juan, and he was traveling with his dog, Freddy. Juan complained of having a high fever and blurred vision. He felt hot to the touch but was freezing cold. He couldn’t read his phone and couldn’t feel the left side of his body. Bo alerted his fellow employees who sprang into action: Julie Willett had grabbed an orange juice. Jason Magill called 911 and communicated everything with the ambulance until they arrived. Kim Fresh alerted Site GM Evan Schimmel of what was going on and maintained supervision of the employees and Juan while awaiting Evan’s arrival to the fuel island. After being alerted of the incident, Evan arrived to ensure the team maintained a sense of calm while also urgently seeking the appropriate treatment for Juan.

Juan was able to point to his boss’s number on his cell phone. Evan called the boss (at Brave Freight) to alert him of what was happening. They were then able to make contact with Juan’s wife. Juan knew he had to go to the hospital and was extremely distraught about leaving his furry friend Freddy. The site employees called every Humane Society in the area until they found a local animal shelter that would care for him while Juan was in the hospital. The local Sheriff’s  Department picked Freddy up.

Evan got permission to move the trailer to a parking spot on site that they can monitor through a security camera. Working with Brave Freight, they arranged for someone to pick up the load. The trailer remained on the site for the five days Juan stayed in the local hospital. Evan kept the keys.

Every day, sometimes twice a day, Evan called Juan in the hospital to check on him. Every evening, Evan checked in with Juan’s wife, who was in Idaho and unable to visit Juan due to COVID-19 restrictions. “It was just comforting for the family to know that someone local cared about him enough to check on him daily, and to ensure Freddy was cared for,” Evan said. “I just moved to Kingman, and what happened with the team is a testament to the culture that has been built here at the site. We try to live and breathe the Daymaker culture. This team reaches it every day.”

Update on Juan: Juan was readmitted to the hospital in his home state of Idaho to undergo surgery. As of June 25, he is recovering nicely, and Evan has remained in contact with him, texting nearly every day.

The team received many notes of thanks from Juan’s family, including the following:

Juan’s daughter, Carmen:

I want to send a note thanking the people at the Kingman Arizona for saving my dad’s life on Wednesday morning. My dad was put in the hospital because of the employees’ reactions and calling an ambulance. Dad was able to make it to the hospital after losing his vision and not being able to walk. The manager Evan has talked with my mom every day to see if she needs anything and to check on my dad. Evan has been an angel and always checks on us. They also took care of Freddy, dad’s dog, until we could get him. These people working here are angels and saved my dad’s life. Thank you for these angels.

Juan’s mother, Becky:

Evan, I don’t have words to thank you for what you did for my son Juan Martinez. You helped him take care of his truck and our sweet puppy Freddy. I hope one day we can meet you to tell you all this in person, because GOD sent you to help my son and I know you’re my son’s angel. I’m sending you lots of BLESSINGS to all of your family.

Juan wrote an email from his hospital bed on June 25 that reads in part:

Mr. Evan is the man I owe my life to. Thank you, Petro Kingman, for having people like this work for you. We will forever be indebted to you. This is the kind of person Mr. Evan is: he is still checking on me, asking if he can do anything, to just call. Wow. What a person. My family and I love you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Juan's boss, Joe from Brave Freight wrote in:

Just wanted to share a story about my driver, Juan, who had been fighting some bizarre growth in his leg for about a week that had gotten progressively worse. Unfortunately for Juan, his growth got infected quite badly and I was unable to get ahold of him for a few hours and I was really worried about his well being. I must have called 15 times and sent a dozen texts on top of that.

Out of nowhere I get a call from Evan Schimmel of the the Petro in Kingman. He informs me that Juan was near unresponsive at the pump, but was able to get him out of the truck. He gave him some snacks and Gatorade, and he even called the ambulance to get him some medical care. He and his team were even able to move the truck and trailer for us while Juan was on his way to hospital. They managed to keep it in a spot where it was on camera 24-7. And was even able to take care of Juan’s dog who had been in the truck. They checked on him made sure he was ok with water and food and even got him into a dog kennel while Juan was in recovery. Absolutely incredible people.

Juan was in a very very grave state when he arrived and was near death. I think that Evan and his team there in Kingman saved Juan’s life. I don’t just think, I am 100% convinced that they did. Evan continued to check on Juan and check in with me to give me updates/get updates on his situation. Juan and him have become great friends and I must say that Evan was almost more grateful than I to have been there to help Juan in his time of need.

An absolutely selfless individual and team who went above and beyond to save a stranger's life. I am extremely impressed with Evan and his team and just wanted to share my side of the story. We cannot thank Evan, his team there and Petro enough for giving Juan a new lease on life.