16:54 PM

Petro Glendale Porter Returns Diamond Ring Left in Shower


Laura Harper, Porter at Petro Glendale, Kentucky, has been with TA for only 4 ½ months and already has been recognized for her excellent work ethic.

In December, Laura was cleaning the showers and saw that a ring was left in there. She put it in a plastic bag, tied a knot so she wouldn’t lose the ring and looked for the woman who had just been in the shower. Laura said, “I thought she would come back, but she didn’t. I tried to catch her but she, and her family  were already gone.”

Laura gave the bag with the ring to Store Manager Missy Hammers. About an hour later, the owner of the ring frantically called the Glendale site. Kim Tucker, Lead in training to be Store Assistant, answered the phone and assured our guest that the ring had been found and was being held for her. Our guest said when she realized she didn’t have her diamond ring she started crying and thought she’d never see it again. She and her family returned to our site, and she was shaking and crying with joy to have it back.

When asked about people leaving belongings behind, Laura says, “We bag things like toothbrushes and toiletries and sometimes a driver comes back a week later and picks them up.”

In an online compliment, the owner of the ring wrote “The ladies working here are truly amazing, especially Laura. I can’t thank her enough for making sure my ring wasn’t stolen and made it back to me.” Missy adds, “Laura is an awesome team member. She goes above and beyond every day.”