Westlake, Ohio,
14:06 PM

Petro Girard Team Welcomes Guest With Favorite Meal

Do you ever just crave that one special meal? You can only get it at one place, and that’s if they have it? 

For American Transport driver Ronald (Ronnie) Ransdorf, that meal is the Beef and Mac at Petro Girard (site #320) in Ohio. It’s a special that the site created for their Grab and Go case in the fuel building. 

Ronnie is a regular; while running his line from Michigan to Ohio to his hometown in central Pennsylvania, he often stops at Petro Girard to fuel up and rest for the night. The food item became something he looked forward to more than any other meal, and he would be saddened if he got to the site and it wasn’t there.

“I can’t go without it,” he said. “I’ll get one to eat right away and take one for the road.”

He told now-GM Kerri Khoury (when she worked as the Fuel PCM) about how much he loved and wanted his Beef and Mac. “I kept complaining that I could only get it here [at Petro Girard]. I didn’t want anything else,” said Ronnie.

Without hesitation, Kerry took matters into her own hands. 

“The Beef and Mac- it’s not something we have 24/7… it’s one of those extra things that we heat up and put in our Grab and Go case,” Kerry said. “Many of our guests come in and want certain things on certain days. We get to know them and treat them like family. When Ronnie told me about his love for the Beef and Mac, I told him, ‘You text me when you’re an hour away, and I’ll put a whole thing in the oven!’”

And Ronnie does just that. He’ll let Kerry know when he’s coming, and his favorite meal is waiting for him, hot and fresh. 

“I look forward to seeing everyone at the site. The team is part of a driver’s everyday life, and it means so much to be treated like family,” Ronnie added.