Westlake, OH,
14:39 PM

Petro Eloy Employees Save Driver from Burning Truck

On Wednesday afternoon, June 3, Shop AGM Tracy “Rob” Tydings was completing his tire counts when he noticed smoke and flames starting to build on a truck in the lot. He, along with mechanics Mikey Wells and Steve Tijerina, noticed the reefer quickly engulfing in flames (reefer trucks have a cooling system that uses carbon dioxide like a cooling agent, used in vehicles specially designed to transport temperature sensitive cargo). 

The three ran right over to the truck. When they noticed it was running, Rob and Mikey started pounding on the door to alert the driver. 

Driver Juan Dominguez was fast asleep in his cab when he heard the beating on his door. He was initially in shock when everything happened, and Steve helped him when he got out of the cab. Juan says he owes his life to the team. 

Juan’s wife Evelyn said, “This was such a tragic event and we are still recovering. If it weren’t for those three men coming over and waking up my husband, he would have burned with the truck. Juan lost all his personal belongings and money, but at least he has his life. I could not be more grateful.”

When asked what made them right toward the flames, they all said there was never a question; it was instinct and simply the right thing to do.