16:52 PM

Petro Corning Cashier Moves Quickly to Save Truck From Severe Fire Damage

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It was a typical morning for Becky Parker, Cashier at Petro Corning, CA, until a guest ran in to say a truck was on fire. Without hesitating, Becky grabbed a fire extinguisher and raced toward the truck, about 75 yards away. She opened the extinguisher and aimed at the flames. She kept spraying and when the extinguisher was empty, she ran into the store to get a second one and eventually a third. Becky was able to get the fire under control enough that the driver could move his truck away from the trailer and out of the crowded parking lot to a more isolated spot. At that point, the fire department arrived and finished putting out the fire. 

Becky later learned that the guest who alerted her in the store had initially spotted the fire and woke up the driver of the burning truck. The driver had been parked at our site for a few days because of snow closures. His generator started burning and melted the fuel line, allowing fuel to drip out. Becky says she didn’t think about how dangerous it was to be near fuel that could explode. She was concentrating on aiding a driver and saving a truck from extensive damage. Because of her quick response, the cab wasn’t damaged. Our techs then stepped in to clamp the fuel line to stop the leaking. 

Kim Victory, Store PCM, lives about a mile from our site and was just leaving at 6:30 a.m. to go to work when she heard sirens. Then her phone rang as another site cashier was calling to tell her what was happening. The cashier said a server had called 911 and Becky was valiantly fighting the blaze. 

When Kim arrived at the site minutes later, she said Becky’s black uniform was covered in white from the extinguisher. Kim says, “Becky continuously goes beyond what is asked of her, but that day she really showed her courage and caring for her fellow human beings.” Another person was impressed with Becky’s actions, the professional driver who thanked her and praised her for her bravery and commitment to do all she could in the harrowing circumstances. Becky clearly lives the TA values.