18:49 PM

Petro Brazil Team Members Turn Friday the 13th Bad Luck into Good Fortune

Motorist guest Jeremy Sheehan was not having a good day on Friday, May 13th. He doesn’t believe in superstition, but he was beginning to believe that the reputation of Friday the 13th was real. 

He was in his company vehicle and was in the midst of a busy day with deliveries, when he realized he had a flat tire in the middle of busy I-70. “It must have been fate that I made it to your exit,” Jeremy said. “The two gentlemen I encountered next were a true blessing. They went above and beyond to assist me.” 

Those gentlemen were Porter Mike Miles and Site GM Ryan Hotler from Petro Brazil, IN (site 376). Mike answered the phone when Jeremy called the site. He quickly called Ryan and they both came out without hesitation to assist Jeremy. 

Mike and Ryan noticed Jeremy’s company vehicle did not have a spare tire and tools. Mike gave Jeremy a ride into town to find a tire. Upon return, both Mike and Ryan went to work to get Jeremy back on the road. 

“It makes you stop to realize that there are good people left in this world,” Jeremy added. “I offered a few times to pay them for their services, but they simply would not accept the money. I cannot thank them enough for the help that was given to me that day!”