20:16 PM

Petro Amarillo Site Manager Jumpstarts TA’s 50th Anniversary Initiative to Give Back to the Community

l to r, Garrett, Vance, Tiffany, Jacob Messer.

Our CEO Jon Pertchik recently announced that every site or HQ department that collectively does 50 hours of community service will be recognized in the Weekly Wrap-Up and in a Town Hall. 

Giving back to our communities is basic to TA, and because this is our first initiative we’ve heard about in 2022, we’re giving it Story of the Week status. 

Vance Messer, Site Manager at Petro Amarillo, Texas and his wife, Tiffany, organized a Chili Cook-Off fundraiser to benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Elks Lodge Children’s Fund and the Shriners Club for the Shriners Hospital for Children. This is a perfect example of our goal of team members giving back to their community on their own time. 

The January 15 event was planned by Vance and Tiffany with the help of friends and some local chili chefs. Amateur cooks were invited to join known chili chefs for the competition and a total of 92 signed up for the challenge. 

Vance says, “I do many fundraisers for charity. This was a big one.” A crowd of 3,000 showed up. A $5 donation at the door was all it took to be able to walk around and try the different chili recipes. A silent auction rounded out the day and contributed to the $30,000 raised from the event. 

The Coors Cowboy Club raised the most money and were named the humanitarian of the event. Vance was the first place Cook-Off winner, and we’ll give him a first place for kicking off TA’s 50th Anniversary Give Back to the Community. 

We encourage everyone to reach out and donate some of your free time to benefit your community. Remember to tell your manager, so you, too, can be recognized in this newsletter and in a Town Hall.