Westlake, Ohio,
14:33 PM

Over 500 People Vaccinated at TA Sites in Two Weeks!


Thanks to teams in Illinois and Nevada, over 500 people including team members have received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Over Memorial Day weekend, the State of Illinois hosted clinics at TA Troy, Petro Effingham, TA Mt. Vernon and TA Bloomington. A total of 318 professional drivers, community members and team members were vaccinated.

“It was a true honor to feel like we were really making a difference and helping bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said District Manager Tiffani Walden. “Thanks so much to the teams at these sites for going above and beyond to take care of others and embodying the Welcoming value.”

On June 4, the TA in Sparks, Nevada hosted a vaccination clinic with the local Sparks fire department. Store PCM Edgar Elizalde organized and planned the entire event, which lasted over five hours and drew in more than 200 people!

“It was an unbelievable success!” said District Manager Quyntyn Johnson. “By offering this vaccination, we certainly returned everyone to the road better than they came.”

And the vaccinations continue! On June 15, TA is hosting CVS vaccination clinics at six sites across the nation and at headquarters.