Westlake, Ohio,
15:35 PM

New Braunfels Popeyes Team Member Helps Man Surprise Step-Mother

When the phone rang during her shift at Popeyes in New Braunfels, Texas, PCM Penelope Nobles was not expecting a man from New York to be on the other end. She politely asked how she could help, and the man explained his predicament. He wanted to surprise his 82-year-old step-mother with a meal through the delivery service but was having difficulty with his credit card since he lived out of state. His step-mom lived alone in a senior community in New Braunfels. After trying multiple times with the service, he called the restaurant to see if someone could help.

The man explained to Penelope that his father and step-mother shared many memories of enjoying the extra-spicy, dark-meat signature chicken together; it was one of their favorite things to do together, and he wanted to provide his step-mother with this special meal.

Penelope agreed to help. She took the order and asked for the address, but when it was time to pay, Penelope insisted that there would be no charge. She would cover the meal and deliver it herself.

“I would hope if someone in my family needed help and I lived far away, that someone would do the right thing and help out,” Penelope said. Penelope was raised to be Empathetic (one of TA’s values) to others and try to help if you can.

“After thanking her profusely, I immediately called my step-mom to inform her that a true angel was on her way very soon to deliver a memory of what I knew would [be] a succinct reminder of the joyous and loving times that she and my father had spent together for over 40 years,” the man remarked. He is planning to stop in and thank Penelope in person when he has his next opportunity to travel.