11:02 PM

Louisiana Lt. Governor Recognizes Server Lead for Exceptional Contribution to Tourism

Traneious "Nene" Rogers, server lead of the Country Pride in Tallulah, LA (#046), was one of five people honored with the True Ambassador Award in the state of Louisiana. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to the service and travel industry.

Nene was nominated by the many patrons of Country Pride, who know her well and recognize the hard work and dedication she brings every day. The Lt. Governor of Louisiana presented the award to Nene at a ceremony last week at the Crowne Plaza in the State Capitol of Baton Rouge.

Restaurant DM B.B. Lingle said, "The people in the city of Tallulah see Nene and all that she does to help out travelers and locals. The entire city knows the work she does there and this is quite an honor."