Westlake, OH,
18:34 PM

Laying the Way

When Knoxville resident Keith Flannery’s daughter got a flat tire at work, he rushed right over to help his little girl.

Her tire had a screw in it and was completely flat. After Googling places to take her car, Keith called the first place that popped up. It was 6:30 p.m. and they told him they weren’t taking in any more work that night. Keith offered to plug the tire himself and asked if he could just use the air, but the shop refused to help.

Thinking outside the box, Keith knew about a TA near him, the TA in Caryville. Knowing it was a “truck stop,” he called hoping for some help. He got Shop PCM Wayne Lay on the phone and told him the story; Keith said it was music to his ears when Wayne told him to bring in the car to see if they could help.

Keith took the car to the shop at TA. Wayne got a kit, plugged the tire and checked it for leaks. The tire was completely fixed. Keith said no matter how many times he tried to pay Wayne, which was several, Wayne would not take a dime from him. Wayne simply said, “Merry Christmas,” and sent him on his way.

Keith took the time to write in about this story, adding, “That type of guy is getting harder and harder to come by. You have a true asset at that shop. I just wanted someone besides myself to know it. Thank you.”