20:07 PM

Guest Impressed with What Site General Manager Considers Business as Usual

Tammy Smith, Site General Manager at Elkton, MD (site 019), said she was just doing what she does every day – helping guests as much as she can. To a traveler, though, she was the answer to his somewhat unusual need. 

The guest approached Tammy and she saw that he looked anxious. She asked if she could help with something. That’s when the guest frantically explained that he had to get onto a Zoom call for work right away. 

In his online compliment, the traveler said that an emergency work meeting had been called. Since he was on the road, he stopped at the first place he saw, and they were unable to help him. It was close to the time for the Zoom meeting to start and he needed to get on the call. He stopped at our site and was looking for help when Tammy approached him. He said Tammy was so kind and managed the situation perfectly. She closed the movie room for an hour, so it would be quiet and private. She brought in a tray table to serve as a desk for his laptop, showed him where there was an outlet and asked if he needed anything else. When she offered him a cup of coffee, he declined saying the least he could do is make some purchases at our site, which he later did. 

Our guest wrote to us that we are true to the brand and good ambassadors of the mission. He never thought of himself a regular TA “client,” but now he is, and considers himself an advocate for our organization. He said that we showed both customer service and true humanity by helping him out. Throughout her 13 years with TA, Tammy regularly accommodates guests and considers what she did “no big deal.” That’s because she lives by our Mission, Vision and Values. Team members like Tammy are what makes TA successful.