Westlake, Ohio,
15:17 PM

GM Receives Thanks from Transportation Company for “Taking Care of our Family”

The night of Dec. 17 was one that upended many lives and will never be forgotten. A major snowstorm in Pennsylvania caused a 60-car pileup on Interstate 80.

Site GM Drew Deems of TA Lamar heard from drivers coming in just how bad the pileup was. He was thankful he booked hotel rooms for his team members to stay in for the night so they wouldn’t have to drive home in the severe weather.

One of his team members came up to him and said they had a driver who needed a ride to the hotel.

“When I saw him (the driver, named William), I just knew something was wrong. He was in shock,” Drew said. He later learned William had just witnessed a horrible tragedy in front of his eyes during the pileup. 

Drew said his first concern was to make sure William had eaten. He got him chips and other snacks from the store. Drew later learned the hotel was booked solid, so he had one of the site’s rooms transferred over to Advantage Transportation.

“The next morning, William came back. And I just let him talk. It was clear he needed to get the situation off his chest,” Drew said. “He was so grateful for us. But I told him….you’re the reason we’re here. I was just there for him to talk to.”

The team received this note of gratitude from Advantage Transportation:

“We had a couple drivers who were in that pile up in Pennsylvania yesterday on I-80. Our drivers were welcomed to the TA Truck Stop in Lamar, PA. Both drivers said that they are grateful for his time and the courtesy that he extended to them. They said he went above and beyond to ensure that they were taken care of and had all they needed since they were both without their vehicles and other necessities.

On behalf of Advantage Transportation thank you so much for taking care of our family in their time of need. Please, let him know that we appreciate his kindness and superb customer service that he gave to our guys.”