Westlake, Ohio,
15:16 PM

Focusing on Values, Retread Team Grows Business, Enhances Culture

When Callie Vanek, Director, Commercial Tire Network took over management of Retread Operations in May, she was excited for the opportunity to build a team that was focused on enhancing the business and keeping America’s trucks on the road.

“It’s important for the team to know just how important their jobs are. They are building the tires that are keeping trucks moving on the highways; the work they’re doing is keeping grocery store shelves stocked and medical supplies in hospitals,” Callie said. “By shifting mindset and helping the team understand where their products are going, it has brought true meaning to the work they do every day and has enhanced morale, fostered a culture of positivity and boosted production.” The Retread Plant is 32,000 square foot production facility that is part of the Goodyear Authorized Retread Network. It manufactures Goodyear retread products, with its largest customer being our own TA Truck Service Network. They are currently servicing about 50 TA locations on their regular routes, but throughout the summer months they have added some stops to major markets such as Florida, Texas, New Mexico and Las Vegas due to a shortage of tires from current market conditions.

“The Retread team works hard to create valuable time for the customer. When customers need a retread to keep rolling, we have a quality product on the rack ready to install. Customers absolutely leave in better shape than when they arrived,” said Greg Frary, Vice President, Truck Service.

Focusing on the Values of Openness and Team Player, Callie and the Retread team have continued to increase production. New daily production meetings foster open communication, allowing daily goals to be set for the day and outlining what needs to be accomplished. Callie says the team just naturally lives the Team Player value, with people going out of their way to help each other daily.

“The Values are truly working. Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, production is up 43%. This means we are able to produce nearly 1,000 more retreads a month. These retreads are produced and distributed to the TA network to service our customers who are so important to keeping the economy moving. I’m so grateful to the team and I hope that other departments can truly immerse themselves in the Values. We are proof that by having these as behavioral guides, our company can be successful.”