Westlake, Ohio,
14:55 PM

Driver Reunited with Porter Who Saved his Life

Driver Kevin Wieman and his wife, Jammie, were visiting the TA in Matthews, Missouri in early January and couldn’t believe their eyes when they noticed a familiar face. Porter Kenny Tackett was going about his day when Kevin and Jammie approached him to thank him for his life-saving actions back in November 2019. 

On that scary day, Jammie had frantically come into the location because Kevin was having trouble breathing. Kenny’s fast actions included calling an ambulance, providing aspirin and blocking off an area for the first responders to easily get to Kevin. In their words, Kenny saved Kevin’s life.

Kenny used to be a first responder at a local company before he came to TA. When Jammie came in, he grabbed some aspirins and told the team downstairs to call an ambulance. 

“I knew how to help him,” said Kenny. “If someone is having a heart attack, they panic. I knew I had to keep him calm until the ambulance got there.”

Kenny was really surprised when the couple came in last month and recognized him. “It feels really nice to know they appreciated what I did,” he said. “I’m thankful I got the chance to see them again.” 

“A little love goes a long way,” said site GM Flint Clariett. “It is a true pleasure working with Kenny and the fact that he helped these drivers didn’t surprise me. This little love he showed this husband and wife travels from state to state. That’s why they come back to us. To feel that love again.”