Westlake, Ohio,
13:58 PM

Driver loses money, finds comfort from two separate TA sites in same day

When a regular guest at the TA in Youngstown, Ohio, was visiting one cold afternoon in January, he realized he lost his money that morning.

Completely distraught, he told Customer Service Representative Bianca Pankey how he wouldn’t have money for the highway tolls he needed to finish his run that day. Without hesitation, Bianca went to her locker and got her own money to help him finish his run.

“I just put myself in his shoes,” Bianca said. “He is a regular and I know him well. When I’m here, this is my second home and I treat everyone like they’re a guest at my home. We mother our drivers and give them love so they can give it back to other people.”

Early that same morning at the TA in Brookville, Penn., Customer Service Representative Barb Fetterman was working the midnight shift and helping a driver at the register. After he left, she found a bundle of his money right at the register where he was talking to her. She ran to the fuel island and then around outside looking for him, but to no avail.

Devastated to not find him, Barb gave the money to the Lead Laura Hinderliter and she put it in the safe. The guest called later that afternoon and asked if anyone found the money. They told him they had it at the site and locked up safely.

A few days later, the driver came back to TA Brookville to get his money. He also gave Barb a thank you card with a gift card inside. He stopped back at TA Youngstown as well to let Bianca know that he found his lost money thanks to Barb at the Brookville location. He also repaid and thanked Bianca with a card and gift card.