20:14 PM

Director of First Impressions

Cheryl White

Gina Romeo, Owner of Connect Source Consulting Group, made a special call to TA headquarters in Westlake, OH to express her gratitude for the care she received from Office Support Assistant Cheryl White. Cheryl is the first person guests meet when they enter the lobby of the TA headquarters.

For those of us who work with Cheryl every day, well, let’s just say we’ve become accustomed to her sunny disposition. But for Gina and her colleagues, Cheryl’s welcoming personality made such an impression she felt compelled to send her flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries. “I feel kindness needs to be rewarded and acknowledged,” said Gina. “Cheryl was so kind from the moment we entered the building to the moment we left.”

Gina was especially impressed by Cheryl's title etched in a glass block that sits on the reception desk: 'Director of First Impressions.' It was a gift from TA CEO  Jon Pertchik. “I love it,” said Gina. “She exudes it.”

Dave Weybrecht, Cheryl’s supervisor and Sr. Manager, Facilities and Office Services, agrees the title fits.  “She has earned that designation," he said.

"Each and every day Cheryl brings that high level of professionalism to her position and consistently demonstrates a warm and welcoming attitude

to everybody that comes through our doors.”

“I’ve been in this industry for 25 years visiting corporate offices,” added Gina. “Walking into TA didn’t feel like walking into a cold corporate office.

Cheryl’s kindness, welcoming, and great big smile made us feel like we were walking into a home. She’s a very special person.”

In addition to Cheryl’s welcoming ways, she is also a team player extraordinaire. When there’s a special luncheon for team members,

you will find Cheryl working behind the scenes helping with set up or serving food. When she sees a need, she fills it. Effortlessly.

We are grateful to Gina for taking the time to remind us of how special Cheryl is and the importance of first impressions!