Westlake, OH,
16:16 PM

Customer Surprises TA New Braunfels Employees with Thoughtful Gift

At TravelCenters of America, it is our goal to make our customers’ days a little brighter, especially during these unprecedented times. This time, a customer did just that for some of our employees.

A regular at TA New Braunfels reminded the site’s employees just how special they are.

Michelle Perella came in for her coffee one day in late March. The site employees greeted her, as always, and they struck up a conversation. They learned that Michelle and her husband were both retired military nurses that had just retired a year and a half ago. Michelle purchased her coffee and left for the day, or so Store PCM Julie Adamson Warren and Store APCM Jessica Chavez thought.

Later that day, Michelle returned to TA with nine hand-made masks in hand, one for each employee. “It warms my heart to know that there are people in this world who care for others,” Julie commented. “In these times of uncertainty, it is amazing to know that our customers care for our employees.”