14:31 PM

Credit Representative at HQ Easily Builds Strong Working Relationships to Benefit TA


A manager at one of our accounts contacted us to say how much he appreciates Mary Ann Bowser, Credit Representative at HQ and a 51-year TA team member. She treats customers with respect and caring, and he thinks she’s outstanding and worthy of some attention. 

Sam Messick, Fuel Manager at Prime, Inc., a freight transport and logistics trucking company, says in his email: “Mary Ann is a very special person to us here at Prime, and even from her position in the credit department, she has influenced our desire to do more business with TA Petro wherever possible. Mary Ann genuinely cares for others, our business, and TA Petro. She is a huge asset to our company and to yours.” 

Sam goes on to say, “Since I started at Prime in 2014, Mary Ann Bowser and I have worked closely together. Mary Ann is always so nice to speak with and has become a very good friend over the last 6+ years. Mary Ann always sends my kids the sweetest cards for holidays, birthdays, etc. It has kind of become a tradition around our house to look forward to cards from her on special occasions. 

Mary Ann explains that she believes in handling every account in a kind and understanding way. She says that Prime Inc. has been doing business with us for decades and is one of our largest fuel and repair accounts. She adds that Sam is such a nice person, and she loves sending his two young children cards for many occasions, including the Valentine’s Day cards that are on their way. 

It’s obvious that doing the right thing and being so thoughtful comes naturally to Mary Ann. That’s served our customers and TA well during her 51 years with us.