Westlake, Ohio,
15:27 PM

Country Pride GM Ensures Homebound Veteran Receives His Free Meal

Columbia, New Jersey’s Country Pride GM Hope Bianchi always enjoyed talking with Willard (Whip) Snover and his wife Shirley when they would come in to eat. Hope has known the family for more than 20 years, including their daughter Shari Hopkins,a Store Cashier at the site.

Veterans Day was always a bit more special for Whip and Shirley, as he is a WWII Veteran, USS Minneapolis. The pair loved coming in for the free meal that TA offers on Veterans Day.

This year was different though. Shirley passed away in February.

“This year was very hard,” Shari said through tears. “I kept thinking about the fact that this was the first time my Mom couldn’t come.”

Due to safety concerns around COVID-19, nearly 98-year-old Whip couldn’t come either. But that didn’t stop Hope from making sure her favorite Veteran was honored and got his special meal.

“I had Shari tell me what Whip wanted to eat and made sure it was prepared just the way he liked it,” Hope said. “I had it hot and ready for when Shari was done with her shift and could deliver the food.”

“I truly am blessed with an awesome crew,” said site GM Steve Bartlett.

Whip was so happy to receive his Veterans Day chicken tenders, but more happy to see Shari. He’s very grateful to Hope for being so kind and looks forward to the next time he can come in.