18:27 PM

Caught in the Act! (of making someone's day)


Truck Service Specialist Bill Housam was enjoying lunch at the Popeye’s TA in Troutdale, Oregon (site #183) when he looked up and noticed a spirited team member chatting up guests at the pumps while washing their windshields. (Oregon requires fuel attendants to pump gasoline.) 

“It made my day seeing this new guy working so hard and having fun with the guests,” said Bill. 

As car after car pulled up for fueling, Bill was delighted by what he witnessed. “Every guest that pulls up, Stephen washes the front and back window, he laughs with them, and really makes a welcoming visit for our guests,” said Bill. Bill explained washing windshields is not a requirement of fuel attendants, but Stephen Baer takes the initiative and provides this extra level of service. It’s a throwback to the service offered decades ago at “filling stations”. 

Bill was so impressed by Stephen, he was compelled to meet him and acknowledge his great attitude and work ethic. “I thanked him 
for everything he is doing and told him to keep up the great work.” According to Bill, Stephen simply smiled and said, ‘that is who I am, and I will.’ 

“These kind of team members are what keeps this company growing every year,” said Bill. “I just can’t believe how amazing Stephen was with our guests. This is one that really makes me love working for this great company!”