Westlake, Ohio,
15:01 PM

Caryville TA Truck Service Team Members Aid Broken Down Fleet Driver

When a Mid-Western Car Carriers, Inc. driver had issues on the road near Caryville, Tennessee, the company’s Shop Foreman Trinity Vaughan chose to reach out to RoadSquad. Soon after, techs Chris Allen and Hoss Daugherty were at the scene ready to help. They quickly diagnosed the problem, a bad fan clutch, and called the shop to source the parts needed for the repair. The team then safely followed the driver back to TA Truck Service at TA Caryville and called Trinity to provide an update.

“Communication was a big key in this… Once the technician had informed me that he found parts and was able to get my driver into the shop right away, I knew turnaround time for my driver to be back on the road was going to be quicker than taking his truck [elsewhere] for repairs. As we all know, a truck that’s not rolling isn’t making any money, it’s costing,” commented Trinity.

Once back at the shop, Chris and Hoss went to work. They removed the bad fan clutch, and installed the new one when it arrived. The driver was back on the road quickly with a safe, reliable repair thanks to Chris and Hoss.

“The ease of the process was like no other I’ve encountered. They even gave the parts to my driver for me to submit for warranty. A huge thank you to all who were involved with my service call! You guys ROCK!” Trinity added.

Robert Sassa, Fleet Solutions Specialist, was pleased to hear about Trinity’s experience. “When I speak with our guests, I’m confident that we provide the best quality truck service work in the industry,” he said.