Westlake, OH,
16:01 PM

Antioch TA Truck Service team continues to impress during pandemic

The TA Truck Service team in Antioch, Tennessee received a thoughtful note of thanks for their great service.

The email reads, in part:


I am with Royal Trucking and I do the over the road breakdowns for us. I would just like to say the people (who worked on his truck) did a fantastic job for us today.

When I called the TA and told the service writer I had a big problem with a trailer and a customer waiting to get the load that was on it, they went to work.

I am the first one to tell venders they did not do a good job, but I also like to tell companies when their people do a good job. Please let them know. Overall, TA has always done good work for us and thanks for that.”

The team in Antioch continues to work on trucks during this pandemic. We thank them for all they’re doing to help drivers who continue to keep the economy moving.