Westlake, Ohio,
14:36 PM

A cookout became a day of looking out for one of their own in Boise, Idaho

Joe Piercy, District Manager of the TA in Boise, Idaho had just flipped the steaks he was grilling for a shop team cookout when he saw a truck being towed in. Knowing the steaks were fine and having a few minutes to spare he decided to walk over and see if the team needed anything.

Profit Center Manager Anthony Anderson was already at the truck along with another member of the team who was on the opposite side of the cab. Anthony called out a question but got no response, so he and Joe walked around the front to see what was going on. They saw their team member was in distress and laying on the ground so they quickly sprang into action. Joe, being a first responder in the military, immediately recognized what needed to be done.

After telling Anthony to call 911, Joe slid underneath the truck and put both hands on the employee’s head to stabilize him, and after doing so he slowly worked him out from underneath the truck. Joe and Anthony tended to him until the police and paramedics arrived and were able to take him to a local hospital.

Luckily, he is ok and thankful for the quick actions of his team.