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Maintenance Tip with Homer Hogg

Posted on December 7, 2016 by TravelCenters of America Inc.

TA Truck Service

Winter is coming…are you ready?

The frigid cold of winter – we know it’s coming yet, we never prepare for it. The diesel truck is viewed as a powerful machine, capable of moving thousands of pounds, but it can quickly be brought to a screeching halt by being ill-prepared for the cold to come.

Here are some winterization pointers to keep the wheels rolling in cold climates.

1. Charging and starting systems: Have your starting and charging system tested by professional equipment BEFORE the weather takes a turn. This should include load testing the batteries and checking the output of the alternator. Starting and charging cables should be tested for excessive voltage drop. Bad cables lead to poorly charged batteries and sluggish cranking.

2. Air systems: Water, oil and contamination destroy air systems, especially when temperatures drop below freezing. This can easily be prevented by servicing your air dryer desiccant at suggested maintenance intervals.

3. Tires: Tires are the only part of the truck that comes in contact with the road. Brakes don’t stop vehicles, tires do. Engines don’t make trucks go, tires do. The steering wheel does not steer your truck, tires do. All of these systems depend on the tires maintaining proper contact with the road, so inspect your tires for wear and damage.

Checking these items will help keep you rolling safely and on time during this upcoming winter.

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