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Tony Justice

Posted on July 3, 2017 by TravelCenters of America Inc.

Tony Justice Exclusively TA & Petro Stopping Centers

Tony Justice is not your average independent country music star. That’s because Tony is a truck driver by day and a country music star by night. His newest album Stars, Stripes, and White Lines will hit TA & Petro Stopping Centers, Saturday, July 1st. Get it exclusively at TA & Petro Stopping Centers through July on your next trip. It is his fourth album is less than six years. His hit music video and title track from his last album “Brothers of the Highway” has 700,000 views on YouTube!

In an interview, Tony said “Owning my own label (Third Coast Records) allows me to share 100% of me in my music. I don’t have some guy in a suit telling what to sing or not to sing. This allows my fans a chance to get to know the real me.” It is that type of openness that earned Tony the American Trucker® magazine’s 2016 “Trucker of the Year.” Hear the real Tony in his new album Stars, Stripes, and White Lines debuting July 1st featuring:

1. Stars Stripes and White Lines
2. Roll on Big Mama
3. This Side of the Radio
4. The Day Merle Haggard Died
5. Cold Shoulder
6. Long Stretch of Lonesome
7. Wheels on the Road
8. Outlaw Ride
9. Diesel Destiny
10. Live Laugh Love and Dance
11. Last of the Cowboys
12. The Good Drugs 13. Praying the Dust Off My Knees
14. Elvis was a Truck Driver Too

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