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Maintenance Tip with Homer Hogg

Posted on April 5, 2017 by TravelCenters of America Inc.

Maintenance Tip

Spring Maintenance Tips

As the weather begins to warm, so does the inside of your truck and the sidewall of your tires. Now is the time to zero in on these two areas so you’ll be prepared for the brutal heat attack that is only a few weeks away in many southern states.

To keep the inside of your cab comfortable, your air conditioner must operate at peak performance. Your condenser must be inspected and cleaned as required. This key component that sits on the front of your truck must have the best chance possible to remove the heat that your refrigerant picks up inside the cab as it travels through the A/C lines and back to the condenser on the front of the hood.

Just spray on some simple green; allow it to sit for 20 to 30 minutes and spray it off with a water hose. Turn on the A/C and be sure it cools properly. If not, get it in to a qualified technician and get a tune up so you are ready for the heat attack.

Before the asphalt heats up and your tires start to experience internal damage, get the air pressure in the correct range based on the average loads you carry. Low air pressure will cause the sidewalls to heat up and will damage the internal belts and cords of the tire.

This seems so simple but we know for sure that the majority of tire failures are a result of low air pressure, so don’t take this for granted and your tires and your money will thank you.

Just a little focus on a couple of key areas and you will notice the difference once the heat is on!

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