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Rand McNally Bundles

Posted on February 7, 2017 by TravelCenters of America LLC

Rand McNally and TA and Petro Stopping Centers teamed up for these exclusive offers. For only $549.99, the High-Tech Compliance Bundle includes the compatible TND™ Tablet 80 and ELD 50™. Along your route, you may be looking for a place to stop or, trying to stay ahead of the weather. Whatever comes up, the TND™ Tablet 80 has you covered with Rand McNally’s truck routing, lifetime maps, built-in dash cam, and more. The ELD 50™ is an electronic logging device that plugs right into the diagnostic port below your dash. From there just upload all of your logs into the free Rand McNally DriverConnect app. Save $100 with this $649.98 value!

For only $399.99, the Premier Route & Record Bundle includes the TND™ 730 GPS and top-end DashCam 300. The redesigned, fourth-generation TND™ 730 LM includes new features to help drivers plan ahead including, advanced lane guidance, toll costs, lifetime maps, and an updated look. The TND™ 730 LM also has a fast processor for quicker route calculations, point of interest searches, route comparison, and faster screen-to-screen transitions. The DashCam 300 is Rand McNally’s most advanced dash cam with super HD video, lane departure, and collision warning. Save $179 with this $579.98 value!

Finally, for only $299.99, the Super 730 Bundle includes the TND™ 730 GPS, a sunshade, and dashpad. Along with the redesigned, fourth-generation TND™ 730 LM, the Super 730 Bundle includes a 7” GPS sunshade to block out glare for a clear view of your new TND 730™ GPS. The shade clips over the top of your device to shield it from bright sunlight. The low-profile crescent bean bag dash pad will securely hold your new TND 730™. The pad grips the dash when in use but, is easy to take on and off. Save $140 with this $439.97 value!

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