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Cobra Inverter Bundles

Posted on August 14, 2017 by TravelCenters of America LLC

Cobra Bundle

Cobra Inverter Bundles

The Cobra CPI2590 is a professional grade 2500 Watt power inverter. This inverter provides 2500 Watts continuously with a 5000 Watt peak to help you power up all your cabin electronics. Get the CPI2590 – Cobra Inverter Bundle for only $249.97.

The Cobra CPI1590 is a professional grade 1500 Watt power inverter with 1500 Watts continuously with a 3000 Watt peak. Get the CPI1590 – Cobra Inverter Bundle for only $149.97.

Both of these inverters allow you to power up your cabin comfort electronics like TV/DVD sets, coffee pots, small microwave ovens, and more. They are ideal for the cross country professional driver that needs all the conveniences of home on the go. In addition, these include a 5V 2.1A USB output, perfect for charging your tablets, smart phones and other USB power devices. These units also feature a digital display that illustrates the vehicle’s battery voltage and the current connected device consumption in Watts on a large LED display. They also incorporate all the protection circuitry for the unit and the device connected to it.

Get these hot deals with the cables included at participating TA and Petro Stopping Center locations.

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