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Ta Petro

Empowering Female Drivers

Supporting Female Drivers with Safe, Secure Locations

At TA-Petro, we proudly support the women of the trucking industry who work tirelessly to provide for their families, empower each other, and create opportunities for more women to get their careers rolling.

To us, the safety and health of all drivers is our top priority. From the staff we hire to the programs we provide, our goal is to continue to make the trucking industry as safe as possible. Here are some efforts we’ve made to ensure drivers have peace of mind at our locations.

Our parking system, Reserve-It!, gives professional drivers a convenient and safe way to reserve a parking spot. Reserve-It! spaces are the closest available to the main travel center buildings, providing shorter walks to showers, laundry, restaurants and the travel stores. Using Reserve-It! ensures when you’re ready for a break, you have a safe place to park.

Law enforcement officials have noted that the number one factor for a safe environment is a well-lit parking lot, and that is just what you get at TA and Petro locations. We have done three major re-lamping upgrades over the past 10 years, as well as installed large LED pole lights at most locations. Not only are LEDs better for the environment, but they burn brighter, increasing the safety and security of our lots. In 2010, TA-Petro launched StaySafe, a program for professional drivers focused on parking lot safety. The program encourages drivers to report unusual, unwanted or illegal behavior to site general managers or local law enforcement. StaySafe signs that include the phone number for local law enforcement are posted at all locations.

All TA-Petro staff is trained and accountable for maintaining a clean and safe environment. Lots are patrolled every two hours and where necessary we employ professional security firms to patrol and monitor our parking lots and buildings.

TA-Petro was one of the first travel chains to take steps to protect against human trafficking. We were the first travel center chain to join Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), and we also joined the Department of Homeland Security’s Blue Campaign in 2014, which focuses on ending human trafficking. All of our staff is also NATSO-course trained how to respond if they suspect human trafficking.

At TA-Petro, we take your safety seriously. Because you matter. We strive meet and exceed the standards of our drivers. If there is more we can do, please let us know by speaking to a location general manager or contacting customer service.

Empowering Female Drivers
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