TA and Petro believe drivers deserve nothing but the utmost respect

We at TA and Petro believe drivers deserve nothing but the utmost respect, care and comfort and a good pat on the back. That’s why we’re proud to announce the 6th annual Citizen Driver Program. This honor recognizes drivers who earn public respect for our industry through good citizenship, safety, community involvement, health and wellness, and leadership. We're asking you to help us find our best Citizen Drivers. Anyone can nominate a driver – fleet owners, employees, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, trucking organization members, trucking industry suppliers.

In Memoriam

Dear Trucking

We have lost a beloved member of our family. Across the country, Sandy’s fellow Citizen Drivers have responded with sadness and disbelief of Sandy’s passing.

Sandy loved driving. She was a pioneer, taking on this hard profession when few women would even consider the job. In spite of the inevitable naysayers, she thrived. She spoke often about how drivers help each other when in need. She helped train and tutor new drivers wherever she met them. In the years of professional truck driving, she grew to know many other drivers like her. They were safe, caring, polite and respectful. With her tenure and her passionate involvement with all things trucking, she became part of yet another family -- that of professional drivers everywhere. That extended with her membership in the Owner Operator Independent Driver Association and Women In Trucking, communities that promote the best of the profession. Women in Trucking will be creating a scholarship in Sandy’s honor.

In 2015, Sandy’s professionalism was duly noted and placed in the spotlight when she was nominated, then awarded with Citizen Driver status. As an Honoree, her “secret” was finally out. Her many accomplishments were on display and her name was hoisted upon the TA location at Oak Grove, Missouri, nearest her hometown of Marceline.

Sandy was such a deserving Citizen Driver Honoree.

  • She drove well over 40 years with accident free miles that exceeded 3 million.
  • She was presented safety awards by three different companies she drove for.
  • She authored two books on helping drivers be safe.
  • She was a staff writer for a number of organizations including Expediters Online, Road Gorilla, Canadian Trucking Magazine and Landline.
  • She was a charter member of Women In Trucking where she served as driver/mentor, served on the driver advisory committee, managed their Facebook site and assisted in their group’s fund raising efforts.

But there is more to this. When Sandy became a Citizen Driver Honoree, she became a member of a new family. Upon the news of her death, Citizen Driver Honorees from across the country shared comments and memories of Sandy. Tears were shed. Condolences offered. Memories shared. Prayers said. Her new family reacted because we all lost a friend, a sister, a peer and most of all, a special person who touched us all.

Citizen Driver intends to honor our industry’s professional truck drivers who best exemplify the kind of quality individuals that we all know exist in trucking. Citizen Driver also intends to bring these drivers’ stories to the general public. We should be proud of the great men and women who drive trucks in America, and America should hear their stories. Our goal for Citizen Driver is to give both industry and national recognition to one of the best things about trucking – its salt-of-the-earth drivers. We hope Citizen Driver might be one small act that can generate stories about drivers that help propel the image of trucking and of truck drivers to new heights, to bring one more bit of respect to the professional truck driver. We hope that, over time, and combined with other image enhancing programs spearheaded by many, many other organizations, we will be successful in improving respect for drivers from others, respect by drivers of themselves, increasing interest of those who are looking for a career to become truck drivers, and along with all of that the comfort, safety and well-being of drivers on the road.

We are firm believers that every positive message, no matter how small, will eventually have a big impact on all of these things. We hope our Citizen Driver program will be one such message.

The focus criteria we have suggested for nominees include Citizenship, Safety, Community, Health & Wellness and Leadership. That said, it is our intent to consider all nominations. It is very difficult, and limiting, to truly define the criteria that make a particular individual someone the industry can be proud of. For some, it may include all five of our suggested criteria. For others, it may be an abundance of one or two of the criteria. Still others may be exemplary because they are engaged in an admirable activity that fits squarely into none of our suggested criteria. We want the Citizen Drivers to be amazing people – people everyone can admire – and people that the trucking industry is glad to count among one of their own.

In January 2018, our judging panel of distinguished trucking professionals will review the nominees, decide on a group of distinguished finalists and ultimately select one or more honorees (we plan to rename several truck stops each year). We will support the process throughout the year with our social and print media and to share information and stories about nominees with others who also have an interest.

Honorees and distinguished finalists will all receive recognition and a package of goods and services from TA and Petro. Those that are selected to be respected by having a truck stop named after them will be asked to select their favorite truck stop, and then we will set to installing plaques, changing the awning name-banners and making other modifications so that all of our guests, drivers and motorists alike, are made aware of the high standards those honorees bring to trucking.

I hope I can count on you to support our Citizen Drivers by considering and making a nomination. We know these exemplary individuals exist and we want to give their stories a chance to be heard.

Thomas M. O’Brien
President and Chief Executive Officer

Nominations are being accepted until September 30, 2018. A panel of distinguished trucking professionals will review the nominees and serve as judges. In 2019, at our ceremony, we will announce the new Citizen Drivers. Among other honors, winners will have a TA or Petro location named for them. We look forward to meeting your nominees, and honoring the professionals who drive our livelihoods. And our country.

Citizen Driver Contest Abbreviated Rules

NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Nominee must be an over-the-road professional truck driver who is currently employed and driving at the time of the nomination and a legal resident of the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec) who is a registered member of the UltraONE® or UltraONE® Expediter Driver Rewards Club Programs. Nominations must be received by September 30, 2018. See Official Rules for details. Void in Quebec and where prohibited. Sponsored by TA Operating LLC, 24601 Center Ridge Road, Westlake, OH 44145-5639