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Refuel. Replenish. Refresh.

Save time and money by stopping at a TA, Petro Stopping Center or TA Express on your road trip! With everything you need in one location, you'll cut down on multiple stops. Oh, and we have been voted cleanest bathrooms for 12 years in a row.

Cleanest Bathrooms

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Plan Your Stops Ahead of Time

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Now You Know Travel Tips

Traveling on the road is always a fun adventure! TA, Petro Stopping Centers and TA Express want to share our best Travel Tips to help make sure your trip is a success.


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Quick Tips

Before You Hit the Road.

• Get plenty of rest the night before your road trip.
• Check air, brakes, oil, and fluids prior to leaving
 • Make sure you have your license, registration and proof of insurance.
• Be sure all children (and adults) are secured with proper restraints for their age/weight.

Fill 'er Up

In a hurry to get to your destination? No worries! After a quick fill up at the pumps for your vehicle, step inside and you'll find a well-stocked Travel Store with everything from snacks and drinks to grab-and-go foods, even electronics, toys and auto supplies. Heading to a party or get-together? Be sure to check out all of our unique holiday and gift items! 

Drive Like a Pro

• Leave at least three car lengths distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. 
• Keep music/noise levels to an appropriate level to avoid distracting the driver's concentration.
• Respect other drivers including those in cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and semi-trucks.
• Use the proper procedure to pass a large truck or bus on the highway: Accelerate slightly and maintain a consistent speed while passing. Wait until you can see the entire cab in your rear-view mirror before signaling and pulling in front of it. 

Let Hunger Take the Wheel.

With more than 300 fast food and 180 full-service restaurants at TA and Petro Stopping Centers locations nationwide, there's sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. Tacos? We got 'em. Hand-cut steaks? You bet! Plus, all the comfort foods like grandma used to make. And, don't forget a cup of our World Blends Coffee, fresh ground from whole beans ... It's the Freshest Roast on the Road! 

Find a location and plan your stops ahead of time.


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