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Before You Hit the Road.

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Drive Like a Pro.

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Fill 'er Up.

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Let Hunger Take the Wheel.

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Cleanest Bathrooms


Road Trip Coupons to help stretch the budget while you're stopping to stretch your back and legs.

Now You Know Travel Tips

Traveling on the road is always a fun adventure! TA and Petro Stopping Center want to share our best Travel Tips to help make sure your trip is a success.

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Travel Tip #2 - "Hydrating your car"
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Travel Tip #5 - "Must see"
Travel Tip #6 - "Driving with your pets"
Travel Tip #7 - "The nose knows"
Travel Tip #8 - "Spring Break"
Travel Tip #9 - "Mother's Day"
Travel Tip #10 - "On the road with the kids"
Travel Tip #11 - "Memorial Day"
Travel Tip #12 - "Tips at the beach"
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