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Ta Petro

Burger Poll!

"MEAT" the Candidates and "Lettuce" Vote!

Shrooms for Change*

This Burger doesn't leave Mushroom for MIS-STEAKS. An onion and Swiss burger topped with crispy chopped bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms and melted swiss cheese and our zesty "secret" sauce.


The Ignited*

People are really feeling the Bern! This burger is topped with jalapeno and onion, crisp bacon strips and finished with our tangy Tennessee cheddar cheese sauce.

New Bacon-ings*

"BACON-structive and vote" - Bacon-ings.  Ain't no lie, you're gonna love this! Mouth-watering burger stacked high with crisp bacon slices, thinly sliced ham a batter dipped onion ring and Country Pride's zesty "secret" sauce and melted American cheese.


Election-It's a Yolk!

EGGSercise your right to try this burger that is a mix of breakfast MEATS dinner. The burger is topped with thinly sliced grilled ham, hash brown potatoes, a fried egg and melted American cheese. What an EGGSELENT candidate

Change for the Cheddar

Have you seen CHEESE candidates?! This burger is good and is not afraid to tell your face! This 'huuuuuge' burger is topped with Tennessee style pulled pork, a batter dipped onion ring and our Tennessee cheddar cheese sauce.

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Poll results will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter Pages ever Friday! Come back to vote up to once a day.


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