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You Can Now Use Your UltraONE Points to Pay for Reserved Parking

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You have points. We have parking spots. Let’s get this done.

By popular request, you can now use your UltraONE points to pay for your reserved parking spot. When you’re ready to stop, no need to search. We’ve got a spot waiting for you. Because you matter.

If you’re not an UltraOne member, sign up here today to start earning points for parking.

Here’s How it Works:

  • Reserve Your Spot in any one of these FAST and EASY ways.
    1. Login on our TruckSmart App from your Apple or Android device
    2. Jump online and go to the Reserve-It! website
    3. Visit a Fuel Desk at any TA or Petro location
    4. Stop by an UltraONE Kiosk
  • Through the Reserve-It! system, select PAY WITH POINTS!
    1. Regardless of how you reserve your spot – in the app, online, over the phone, or in person - select “points” as your payment method when you reserve and you can use UltraONE points to pay for parking.
    2. Pulling points off the UltraONE kiosk will not work to pay for a spot with points. Use the Reserve-It! program, as you do today, and when reaching the payment screen, select Pay with UltraONE Points.
  • Drive Easy Knowing We’ve Got a Spot Waiting for You
    1. There are more than 53,000 parking spots at TA-Petro locations across the country. When you’re ready to stop, no need to search for a spot. We’ve got one waiting for you.
    2. Well-lit and with on-site security, our parking lots are a safe place to take a break.
    3. TA and Petro locations have larger entrances and exits than other most travel centers, getting you in and out easier and with less hassle.
  • Parking Peace-of-Mind
    1. A Standard parking space requires 1,950 UltraONE points.
    2. A Wide-Load parking space requires 3,900 UltraONE points.
    3. A Bobtail/Expeditre parking space requires 1,000 UltraONE points.

End the Search (and the stress)!

We know it can take time to find a place to park. Some drivers report spending 60 minutes or more per day looking for parking. LET US HELP. Reserve a parking space at any location, anytime using our TruckSmart mobile app and put an end to the parking search and stress. We update the app every two hours so you’ll always know what spots are available. And now that you can pay using your UltraONE points, getting a parking spot has never been easier.

Don’t have the app? Download it now to reserve a spot and pay with points.

Never PAY for Parking Again!

The more you fuel at TA and Petro locations, the more UltraONE points you earn. Points can be used for a parking space any time. Fuel. Park. Rest. Recharge.

Need to check your UltraONE point balance? No problem! Point balances are easy to locate on the TruckSmart mobile app, at the UltraONE kiosks and on UltraONErewards.com.

Tips from TA-Petro

  • The best time to reserve a parking spot is before 4pm. Most spots are reserved between 4-7pm, but grabbing yours earlier in the day will ensure when you’re ready to stop, there is a spot waiting for you.
  • See an empty spot? Check the TruckSmart app or online at the Reserve-It! website to confirm availability.
  • Remember, we still have 41,000 parking spots across our sites that are not reserved. Plan ahead if you would like to score a free spot.

The only way to earn UltraONE points is to be an UltraONE member. To sign up or check your membership status, visit the UltraONE kiosk at any location or go to UltraONErewards.com.

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