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Brendan Greene of Joe Gibbs Racing Wins Second Challenge of the Season

Congratulations to Brendan Greene, aka “Slim”, of the Joe Gibbs Racing team who won his second TA Truck Service Challenge of the 2018 season on Sept. 13 at the Las Vegas Speedway.

The 2018 TA Truck Service Challenge circuit is coming to a close, but Brendan Greene is just getting started. His competition may need to keep an eye out for this two-time winner if they want to keep up with him in the Charlotte competition.

Back in March after his first win in Atlanta, Greene told us he didn’t plan on stopping there, and he kept to his promise.

“I study the DOT book the week before these events in the hopes I can do well on the written test section of the competition,” Greene said. It’s safe to say his studying technique is paying off. Despite the small infraction he received on the obstacle course, Greene received a perfect score on the written test, and he’s carrying that momentum with him going into the final race of the year on Sept. 27 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“My strategy [going into Charlotte] is not to get too nervous,” Greene said. “Find a good lane to navigate the course and hopefully get a high mark on the test again. I’ll be studying for sure!”

After Greene’s Atlanta win, he put his earnings toward a new dollhouse for his daughters, but because of Hurricane Florence, this win was a little different.

“This money will probably go towards the hurricane damage my place has had. It’s been a tough week for everyone in North Carolina,” said Greene. “If I win the Grand Champion prize, I will probably build a shop.”

His wins certainly mean a lot to his family, but Greene also described how much it would mean to the Joe Gibbs Racing family.

“It would mean a lot to become the overall champion because Gibbs Racing would be honored and they deserve that,” he said. “When the Challenge stopped a few years ago we were all sad to see it end, but now TA has stepped up and brought it back. I am grateful and so are the truck drivers in this garage.”

Greene continued by showing his gratitude for TA Truck Service, the event sponsor.

"Thank you for caring about the truck drivers and for providing us with a chance to show what we can do. Because so much of what we do is hard and tiresome, a chance to get together for a friendly competition is really fun,” Greene said. “We rely on you guys when we are on the road. We cannot afford to miss a race, so getting our truck in and out for service if we have a problem is critical.”

We appreciate Greene’s gratitude and are proud to sponsor an event that celebrates the hard work, professionalism and friendly competition amongst NASCAR hauler drivers.

Come support Brendan Greene and his fellow competitors at the last event of the year on Sept. 27 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway!

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