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Snack Attack Bracket 2020 Champion

After five fantastic weeks of the Snack Attack bracket, we have a champion! The dominating favorite of Snickers climbed to the top of the Snack Attack pile. As a final refresher, each week we’ve calculated sales of the standard-sized candies and snack-sized snacks Monday through Sunday. After each week, based on your purchases, the strongest competitor won. Snickers satisfied, claiming victory from Doritos Nachos by over 1,000 units. As a result, April 13 through April 17, a coupon for a free standard-sized original Snickers will be on the UltraOne Kiosk. Be sure to stop into one of our locations and get yours; because you’re not you when you’re hungry.

Snickers looked for redemption after being last year’s bracket runner up. Not only is this their second straight finals appearance but they also had the single highest round for the second year in a row. Much like last year, Snickers was in cruise control throughout the tournament, winning every matchup by more than 1,000 units. This year they were able to finally finish it off.

They took care of their own demons by besting last year’s overall champion, Tootsie Roll Pops, in the Chocolate Regional finals to become a two-time Chocolate Region champion. Doubters might say that was because of the aid of a buy one get one free promotion March 16 – March 31. However, in all five weeks in the tournament, they outscored what Tootsie Roll Pops was able to put up that week; showing it was not a fluke, and they were here to play! Snickers deservingly became the 2020 TravelCenters of America Snack Attack champion. 

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