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Trucker Fund’s Shannon Currier and Crete Carrier Driver Craig Daniels Band Together to Raise Awareness for SCF

Shannon Currier and Craig Daniels.

Without professional drivers, our everyday lives would be drastically different. And without the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund (SCF), many truck drivers suffering from medical issues or injuries and financial uncertainty wouldn’t be able to get by, which is why we’re proud to put on the largest fundraising event for SCF every year when we Band Together at TA and Petro locations across the country.

This year, SCF’s Director of Philanthropy & Development Shannon Currier hit the road with Crete Carrier driver Craig Daniels to experience a week in the life of a driver, stopping at TA and Petro locations along the way to spread the word about the SCF and why we Band Together.

Shannon is a regular guest on Radio Nemo’s Tim Ridley Show on XM 146 and Craig is a regular listener and caller. Craig previously connected with Shannon on social media after learning they both lived in the Montgomery, Alabama area and shared mutual friends. After Craig heard Shannon mention she was interested in doing a ride along, he reached out to her to help make that wish a reality.

Shannon Currier with Craig Daniels' truck.

“I wanted to get Shannon and the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund more exposure,” Craig said. “A lot of drivers don’t listen to the radio to hear about SCF and what they are doing to support drivers. I was hoping to make this sort of a ‘cross country tour’ to bring awareness to the SCF and what they do, and also so drivers purchasing bands have a better understanding of what their $1 or $5 supports.”

Their weeklong journey started at the Petro in Shorter, Alabama on Monday, July 8, 2019 and ended at the TA in Meridian, Mississippi, with stops at Petro Atlanta, Georgia, Petro Shreveport, Louisiana and TA Terrell, Texas along the way.

“Since Craig and I had talked some and I knew the people at Nemo knew him already, we decided to go through his company, Crete Carrier,” Shannon said. “Craig reached out to Crete for their approval and they said yes, so we got the details in order and planned the date. We chose the month of July because one of SCF’s largest sponsors is TA and Petro and I wanted to promote Band Together while on the road.”

Shannon had never been in a semi-truck for more than a short period of time, so this ride along experience gave her a new perspective on some of the issues drivers face every day, like maintaining a healthy diet on the road. While it’s not always easy, she says it can be done. Shannon planned ahead by packing meals that she could keep in Craig’s cab refrigerator during the day, and found healthy meal choices from StayFit menus at TA and Petro locations along the way.

Shannon Currier exercising in the Petro Shreveport StayFit facility.

(Shannon visiting the StayFit fitness facility at Petro Shreveport, Louisiana)

“I have learned a lot being on the road,” Shannon said during her week on the road with Craig. “And I have had such a great time getting to meet drivers and TA and Petro employees to thank them in person for their support and to let them know the difference they make in drivers’ lives by promoting Band Together.”

Shannon Currier with TSA employee JK.

(Shannon with truck service employee JK showing off his band at TA Meridian, Mississippi)

Shannon Currier with TA Meridian assistant manager Vonda.

(Shannon with Assistant Manager Vonda at TA Meridian, Mississippi)

Thank you to Shannon Currier, Craig Daniels and Crete Carrier Corporation for making this trip possible and helping spread the word about this life saving cause and our Band Together campaign.

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