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Hope Zvara: Raise Your Hands Up

Courtesy of Hope Zvara, CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga and yoga, movement and lifestyle expert:

It might seem silly, but one of the best ways to get your heart rate up - besides walking - is reaching your arms up overhead. In addition to raising your heart rate, reaching up overhead has a slew of other benefits to your hard-working body.

  1. Strengthens weak shoulder and arm muscles
  2. Improves posture
  3. Allows for a deeper breath
  4. Opens tight shoulders
  5. Aids lower back release
  6. Relieves driver's-neck syndrome

In the comfort of your truck cab, reach up overhead like you are picking apples, reaching one arm higher than the opposite. Get your entire body into it. Better yet, reach for the cubby space above your visor, then grab hold and relax your body down like you are hanging from the truck ceiling.

Just reach up wherever you are!

Now, raise your hand if you're in on this one quick move.

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