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Meet the OnCommand Connection Sweepstakes Winner: Jim McCauley

Congratulations to Jim McCauley, the winner of Navistar’s OnCommand Connection Sweepstakes! The sweepstakes was open to drivers holding a CDL and celebrated OnCommand Connection’s telematics solution, a hardware and software package that provides a steady stream of real-time vehicle performance data to improve the safety and productivity of drivers and fleets.

McCauley is a Houston native and driver for Advanced Freight Dynamics LLC in Conroe, Texas. He’s been driving on the civilian side with his CDL for six years and with his military experience has been driving for more than 20 years.

During the thick of Hurricane Harvey, McCauley got stuck just south of Dallas for three and a half days, unable to return to Houston because of the severe weather and flooding. While at a TA truck stop in Hillsboro, he spontaneously decided to enter the OnCommand Connection sweepstakes.

Little did he know, he would soon be returning to Houston in a Diamond Renewed Certified International ProStar class 8 truck fully equipped with OnCommand Connection’s latest technology.

“I figured I had nothing to lose,” he said.

Since winning the sweepstakes things have been exciting.

“It’s a good looking truck, and it has made life a little easier,” said McCauley. “No real bills or truck payments to be made.”

The International Prostar that McCauley won came equipped with a OnCommand Connection Telematics device, including two years of service as a bonus.

“It makes everything easier – if you were to get an engine code, you know right away what it is,” he said about the technology. “It automatically tells you what’s wrong with the truck, which is a nice feature to have. It also has an electronic log, so it makes that side of things much easier as well.”

Congratulations again to Mr. McCauley. We’re glad to have had a hand in helping make his life on the road a bit easier, safer and more productive.

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