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Michael Williams from Team Penske Takes Home First Place at 2019 Charlotte TA Truck Service Challenge

Team Penske hauler driver Michael Williams.

We’re already halfway through season two of the TA Truck Service Challenge, a friendly competition where NASCAR hauler drivers get to show off their hard work and skills. Congratulations to Michael Williams, hauler driver for Brad Keselowski’s #2 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series car, who took home first place at the Charlotte Motor Speedway TA Truck Service Challenge on May 22.

Like other Challenge competitors, Michael’s responsibilities include more than just driving a hauler. As a NASCAR hauler driver for Team Penske, Michael is a floater. Other than driving the hauler, he works on the fuel cell area assisting the technician with anything he needs. On Sundays, he helps calculate and weigh the fuel his team races on, and then he fills up the gas cans.

“Penske Racing is doing really well this year with early success,” Michael said. “I am proud of this team and what we have accomplished.”

Just like Michael is proud of Team Penske, we’re proud of his first Challenge win and how the camaraderie between all competitors helps them along the way. Despite being from different racing teams and competing individually, Michael’s strategy for the Challenge has been influenced by reigning Challenge champion Tom McCrimmon.

“Tom McCrimmon always told me to take it nice and slow, be observant,” said Michael. “Don’t rush and a good score will come. I tried that yesterday and it sure paid off.”

After being one clipped cone away from receiving a perfect score on the obstacle course, Michael beat out returning Challenge winners Michael Hutton and Josh Collins for first place in Charlotte.

“I almost ran a perfect course,” he said. “I clipped one cone somewhere that I just didn’t see, but I’m happy with my run. The parallel parking was challenging, but I knew I did well there.”

And despite being under the pressure of a time clock during the tricky pre-trip inspection put together by our very own Homer Hogg, Michael still pulled out the win.

“Homer makes it really difficult, and when I know the clock is ticking that makes it even harder,” Michael said. “But it’s good to remind us all to check our trucks before we head out on the road.”

Catch us at the Kentucky Speedway on July 11th for the next TA Truck Service Challenge, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @tatruckservicechallenge to keep up with more Challenge news!

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